Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Oeoniella polystachys (Orchidaceae)

Oeoniella polystachys is an orchid which is endemic to the south western Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius, RĂ©union, Madagascar, Comoros and Seychelles, bearing white flowers of about 2-3 cm across, blooming for about a month from late July to late November.

Plant specimen is 15cm high and flowers are nocturnally fragrant

Oeoniella polystachys is common in Madagascar, and is found mostly on the east coast. In RĂ©union, it is present in the northern dry forests, where the population is declining.

Spike usually bears between 8 to 15 flowers
In Mauritius, It is present in the south east region, close to the sea where the atmosphere it is dry and humid. Some locations are: Riche en Eau, Ile aux Aigrettes, Bambous Mountain Range. It can be also be observed at la Nicoliere and in the Bras D'eau region.

Distance between two lateral sepals is 3cm

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